Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Booking a hostel for couple of days

Before one or two weeks of your travel, search and find a good hostel you want to stay in, should be near by your work place. When you arrive in Dresden,make sure you have less luggage to go by walk to your booked hostel or you may have to take taxi to carry your luggage with you to the hostel. When you are at the hostel, ask for the booking for your name, and pay the cahrges if not paid online and get inside to take some rest after a long travel. Book enough amount of days, so that you can search for a home while staying in the hostel. Generally two weeks is a good time to get a home for rent. You can book a dormitory which is cheaper than a single room in the hotel. You will stay alone in the 4 bed or 6 bedroom dormitory depending on whether anyone has preferreed dormitory like you and would like to stay in the 4 bed or 6 bed room dormitory. Dormiotry would not have a TV while a single room would have, but having a TV in the room would not make any sense, since all the channels would be in german language. Dormitory would have one shared bathroom while a single room would have separate bathroom in it.